Plan & schedule your social media content distribution

Give your content team the tools they need to successed.

Increase your content efficacy, by vastly improving your content distribution with tools that equip your team to schedule, plan and distribute content across multiple social media networks and platforms.






Social planner
Plan out your social media marketing strategy

Schedule your content plan & control redistribution

Use the post planner to breakdown your content strategy over the next 1 – 12 months, using the simple calendar view. Select how often you would like posts to be republished and to which social networks. Increase content distribution, improve post engagement and allow your team to better collaborate.

View by month, week or day

Visually see dates or upcoming or previous posts

Use insights to analyse social engagements

Select what day of the week posts are republished on

Select which social accounts posts are published to

Core features

Empower your team with a content distribution system that will vastly increase social engagement

Effectively manage, publish, plan, automate, communicate and analyse social content or chat using one easy platform for all your social media networks.

Post scheduling

Schedule the date, time and which social networks to publish your content to.




Post activities

Keep an eye on what content your team has published and which posts failed to post on each platform.

Inbox manager

Manage all social inbox messages from on application. Create private messages, connect chat bots and analyse results.



Create your own custom chatbots for Facebook messages. Build out customer messaging journeys.


Create, monitor and analyse Facebook and Instagram adverts. Automate and analyse the results each campaign from one dashboard.

Storage & assets

Upload images and videos to storage so your team can use in later posts.



Build out custom social streams to monitor your competitors accounts or track a specific topic.





Use the insights tab on posts to analyse your post engagement results for likes, comments and shares.

Core features

We create brand focused websites to achieve business objectives

We take website design seriously. for us its more than beautifully designed customer journeys, its about about efficeint funnels that drive each user towards a desired action.
Posts Scheduled

Create & schedule posts to be published on all your social accounts


Create social media posts, schedule the day and time you would like it published and review how it looks prior to dispatch.


View on a calendar the date and times your scheduled posts due to be published.


Get insights on the success of your social media posts.


Use history to get a retrospective view of what posts that were published and when.

Post & scheduling
All Inbox management

Manage all your social media inboxes from one secure platform

Click connect on your connected social media accounts, converse with your prospects and create quick auto-replies for general questions. When you connect your social inbox, you will also be able to create and connect chatbot features too. This way you can monitor and see your chatbots in action and view the analytics of your direct messages.

Facebook & Instagram advertising

Create, edit and monitor Facebook network adverts

Create campaigns via the platform or simply monitor the success of each campaign and vital KPI metrics. You can gather detail insights, boost posts, create ad labels and even copy and paste the conversion tracking pixel code you need in order to create reports for your campaign success.

Social Advertising
Social streams

Create stream board to monitor your competitors content quality

With this tool, your team is in the know with what your industry is discussing at all times. Information is the game these days, so the better equipped you and your team are the better.




Facebook page and groups

RSS reader

Posting activities

Monitor the quality of your teams posts and if the content plan is on track

Review the content your team has been publishing, in a clear timeline view that shows if the post was published successfully or not, how long ago it was posted and what the content of the post was. This makes it much easier for you to review content plan changes based on a broader view of the content being created and published.

Custom Facebook chatbots

Create and schedule social posts to be published on all your social accounts


Create automated messaging templates to be used on Facebook comments and send private messages.


Create automatic promotional messages for your Facebook messenger contacts


Create automatic messages designed to help nurture leads and navigate them into a lead funnel or useful resource

Assets & storage

Store images and assets you would like to use in your social posts


Get insights on the success of your social media posts.


Manage all accounts in one place.

An applicaiton that allows you to easily manage your social accounts from one simple, easy to use platform.

Facebook icon


Connected to Facebook Pages and Groups



Twitter icon


Connect and post to Twitter accounts




Pinterest icon


Post to Pinterest boards on your account




LinkedIn Icon


CPost to LinkedIn business pages




Tools & bots

Run automation bots for messages, comments and shares for social

Run bots for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to auto comment, direct message, follow / unfollow and share posts based on a variety of triggers. There are also a selection of tools for RSS feeds and email list import for MailChimp.

Replies with private messages to new followers

Finds photos by # and likes them automatically

Find people on Instagram and follow/unfollow

Adds new comments on a selected Facebook post

Retweets the tweets posted from a selected Twitter’s account

Follows & unfollows people on Twitter manually or automatically

Tools & bots
Ebay integration
eBay integration

Integrate eBay accounts to easily manage product sales & RSS feeds

eBay RSS

Create custom RSS feeds using a selection of filters, which can be saved and viewed again at a later date.

eBay Marketplace

Connect your eBay account to Sooper Social so you can create, edit and monitor your products without having to log into eBay.

Our Pricing Plans

The Best Offers & Price Plans!

Find the perfect plan for your business, with a variety of packages to pick from you are bound to find something that is a fit for your busienss.


Perfect for startups or freelancers

£19 / Monthly

10 users

1 Users

1 Account per social platform

50 Inbox messages

3 Streams

15 Plannifications

5 RSS Feeds

Unlimited real-time analytics

Unlimited message scheduling

60 Posts Per Month

6 Video Posts

35 Images uploaded



Perfect for startups or freelancers

£79 / Monthly

Unlimited users

8 Users

5 Account per social platform

80 Inbox messages

6 Streams

25 Plannifications

10 RSS Feeds

Unlimited real-time analytics

Unlimited message scheduling

100 Posts Per Month

10 Video Posts

50 Images uploaded



Perfect for startups or freelancers

£149 / Monthly

Unlimited users

Unlimited Users

20 Account per social platform

Unlimited Inbox messages

Unlimited Streams

Unlimited Plannifications

40 RSS Feeds

Unlimited real-time analytics

Unlimited message scheduling

Unlimited Posts Per Month

Unlimited Video Posts

200 Images uploaded


Mobile apps - coming soon

We integrate well with many third-party appplications

Connect your account to a variety of useful third-party apps for file storage, CRMs or data validation and cleansing services to improve your email marketing process.

Mobile icons

Mobile apps

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