SEO & website analytics

Analyse your SEO performance with one easy tool

Monitor your websites performance and better understand on-page SEO rank factors to improve. Monitor unique visitors, page views, bounce rates, stay time, average visits, traffic analysis and much more to better understand your audience.







SEO analysis
SEO & analysis

Analyse your website traffic & SEO performance

Better understand your website performance, use the dashboard view to see how many visited your site, how long they were on your site and how quickly they left. Drill down into most used browser types and countries to better optimise your content and website.

Competitor website analysis

Website visitor analytics

Social media performance analysis

Rank & index analysis

Link analysis

Keyword analysis

Keyword tracking

Core features

Utilise a collection of highly effective On and Off-Page SEO analysis tools for better site optimisation

Use these tools to track, monitor and analyse website visitors and ranking factors for a more detailed understanding of how your website it performing in search engines and with visitors. Use native widgets or API to connect to your website or custom applications.

Website analytics

Monitor website traffic, create reports and analyse a variety of website factors.


Keyword analysis

Create analysis reports of on-page rank factors, in order to better identify over optimisation.

Keywrod tracking

Track keyword search engine rank positions in Google, Bing and Yahoo.



Link analysis

Create analysis reports for specific web pages and optimise internal and external links.

On-Page comparison

Run side by side On-Page rank factor comparisons for optimisation.

Tools & utilities

A variety of SEO and developer tools, which can help with meta data and content plagiarism.

Social analysis

Run social media analysis reports to identify quantify of reactions, comments and shares.

Widgets & APIs

Utilise a collection of native widgets and APIs to create and connect to your website.

Analysis tools

Produce website analysis reports to better identify optimisation opportunities

Analyse competitor websites to better understand how to improve search engine rank positions, in order to increase website traffic resulting in increasing conversions.
Visitor analytics

Analytical reports for website traffic, better understand your visitors

Setup analytics tracking script to better understand who you visitors are, where they are located, what content they are most interested in and how long your site visitors are spending on your website.

Traffic sources

Visitor types

Country wise report

Browser reports

OS reports

Device reports

Visitor analytics
Website analysis

Create website analysis reports on competitor websites


Analyse a variety of SEO rank factor metics, understand competitor link counts and identify mobile friendliness, search engine index info and malware scans.


Create a social report that highlights website shares, comments and like counts.


Analyse On-Page ranking factors for title tags, meta tags, headings, robot.txt files, single, double and triple keyword phrases.

Website analysis
Social media analysis

Identify competitor social signals that highlight social engagement factors

A simple social media analysis report, which highlights the main social signals used for SEO ranking factors.

Facebook shares, reactions and comments

Pinterest pins

Reddit score

Buffer share

Social netorking analysis
Site indexing

Rank and index analysis for leading search engines

Identify how many pages have been indexed correctly in the major search engines and SEO related websites.

Alexa rank analysis

Alexa data analysis

Moz check analysis

Search engine index analysis

Search engine index check
Link analysis

Analyse the efficacy of internal & external links

Analyse website internal, external link and if they are do or no follow. Identify what your competitor link count is in comparison to your or simply understand what your blog pages link count is.

Link analyser
IP analysis

Analyse competitors or personal IP information

Create reports based on IP address information, searching for sites in similar IP and identifying domain IP address information.

My IP information

Domain IP information

Site in same IP

Ipv6 compatibility check

IP canonical check

IP trace route

IP analysis
Keyword analysis

Identify how well your keyword are performing on search engines


Analyse on-page ranking factors for title tags, meta tags, headings, robot.txt files, single, double and triple keyword phrases.


Check keyword search engine rank positions.


Get keyword suggestions for Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wiki and Amazon.

Keyword analysis
Site doctor comparison

Compare side by side On-Page website factors for optimisation

Create reports that compare web pages on-page ranking factors, in order to create an optimisation task list. Use site doctor to identify if your page is over or under optimised.


After analysis has run, you can choose to download as PDF each comparison report you create, or you can save for future downloading.

Site doctor
Email templates

Design & build beautiful emails with ease

Our team of professional email marketing developers, hand craft the bespoke templates you see on PrideMail. If you can’t find one that fits your brand, and you would like something more bespoke, please let the team know.
Keyword tracking

Keep track of your SERP by tracking yours & competitor keywords

Stay up to date with your keyword rank position in the major search engines, identify when your URL moves up or down after updates.


Add keywords you want to track and the correlating website URL, which country and language you want to track this keyword in.


Run reports on the keywords, which have been added in tracking settings, and select the dates you would like to check the keywords ranking position between.

Keyowrd tracking
Security tools

Run security check reports on any websites to identify malware


Identify unsafe websites by running malware scans, this can be used to identify if a website linking to yours is insecure and could acquire a penalty from search engines.


Run a virus scan using Virus total, which run up to 67 different checks to identify if a domain has any viruses on it. This can be useful for negative link checks and identifying negative links in competitor sites.

Native widgets

Add widgets to your website for internal or external view

See examples of widgets scripts, how they look and what informaiton is displayed.
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Visitor analytics

Website analytics

Social analysis

Index analysis

Domain analysis

IP analysis

Keyword analysis

URL shortener

Malware scan

Link analysis

Code minifier

Utilities & tools

Widgets & API


We integrate well with many third-party appplications

Connect your account to a variety of useful third-party apps for file storage, CRMs or data validation and cleansing services to improve your email marketing process.

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