#SWEAT Website


#SWEAT is a small group and personal training gym that is far beyond the normal pay to train gym. With a variety of mixed and ladies only classes to choose from, this gym has lots to offer a very targetted local demographic of mjority ladies looking to lose weight in a community environment.

The Project

The owners wanted a website that would show off the results of thier clients, while opporating as a booking management system for which their clients could book on to classes in order to not overflow capacity. The website needed to act as a descriptive tool that could show off what they do, present promotions when available, class time tables and class details for members and non members to better decide which class would be best suited to thier capabilities.

The Results

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  • Client: #SWEAT
  • Location: hashtagsweat
  • Date: August 28, 2019
  • Category:
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