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While email marketing continues to deliver an impressive 42% ROI, on average, it is easy to see why so many successful businesses implement personalised, segmented email marketing workflows and strategies into their marketing plan.

Research & Strategy

A team that takes a strategic approach originating from detailed research, in order to achieve objectives.

Identity & Creativity

Designers who will implement creative designs, while keeping your brand identity unique and on point.

Campaign Managment

Our team manages every step of the process, so you will never have to worry about who in your team will need to deliver which tasks.

Campaign Reporting

Once the campaign is complete, we create an insightful report outlining success and areas for improvement.

Grow Your Audience & Build Business Relationships

Tools for Every Step of the Process

A design studio founded in London and expanded our services & become a multinational firm, offering features Worldwide.

Advice &

We offer free advice and guidance with all subscriptions.

Premium Email Templates

Beautiful premium email templates to help you get started.

Email Marketing Automation

Email automation with every subscription, so you can get more done.

Email Marketing Process

Email Marketing to Build Customer Relationships

A recent study, the state of customer engagement 2020, has highlighted the number of agencies and client-side marketing teams who have yet to implement a coherent and strategi email marketing process within their business. Email is by far not the newsest form of digital marketing, but it is an extremely imprtant channel and one that can add huge amounts of value with automation.
Strategy & Click Funnels

Strategies are a guide to help keep us on track for success

Blasting email campaigns out, without a coherent plan founded in a detailed customer research model, can often lead to a low return on investment. Our team helps to map out every stage of your campaign, we will carefully put everything in place so that each campaign achieves a significant return on investment.
We're Creative

Beautiful & Creative Designs

Design can impact everything around us, if effectively utilised it can influence, persuade and communicate with powerful results. This is exactly why we believe design is one of the most important aspects of email marketing, and why our team take this stage extremely seriously when producing email designs for each client.

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Email Development

Clean code for accurate email development

Email development can be an extremely difficult task, even for highly trained web developers. This is largely due to the majority of email clients displaying the email code using different rules, which can result in broken email designs. Our team is not only highly trained in email development they also stay up to date with new IOS, Android, OS and Windows email client releases. Finally, all emails are run through a pre-campaign check to identify spelling mistakes, accessibility issues and code rendering across different devices and email clients.
Insightful Reporting

Insights to outline optimisation opportunities

Campaign reports or worthless, unless the information can be used to affirm or deny a hypothesis. Analysing email campaign data is the most important stage in email marketing, as this can help provide guidance on elements that worked well and ones that did not. Every campaign we implement is followed with a detailed report and insightful steps forward, so you can make clear campaign adjustments.

Having worked closely with Sooper Digital on numerous brands, I welcome the opportunity to recommend their Marketing services. Matt has provided guidance and support, helping us to reach the right markets and engage with our customers across digital channels. Matt has helped us execute successful digital and integrated campaigns, driving more traffic to our websites. He is extremely knowledgeable, always abreast of the latest trends and digital technology, and supportive of our bespoke requirements.

Every detail has been taken care of with this team, they really amaze me with the detail they put in! I will work only to help your sales goals.

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Juliette Mullineux

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Bridget Collier

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