How Social Media Marketing is Transforming SME Businesses in 2019

There’s no shortage of marketing success stories from global brands like P&G or Dominos. Of course, they have a very huge budget to spend on multiple channels. However, not every business out there has millions of dollars waiting to be spent on a 30-second commercial spot. So what does an SME business owner of today rely on for marketing on a budget? The answer is Social Media Marketing (SMM). Want to know why social media is one of the top marketing channels for SMEs and how you too can leverage it for growing your business? Interested to learn how other SMEs are getting huge ROI on their social media marketing spend? We have put together an overview of the topic along with a bunch of useful tips and advice for businesses that want to win the social media game from day 1, so read on! According to leading experts in the industry, the email channel is all set to evolve and grow at a much rapid rate over the next few years as compared to any other time in the history of email. Smartphones and wearables are changing the way we design email. Every part of the email marketing ecosystem, including email marketing software and email delivery partners, are ready to redefine engagement, deliverability, personalization and targeting – and align together – like never before.

“Brands that use social media as a broadcasting system will end up feeling pretty lonely”

Kim Garst

Why Use Social Media Marketing to Reach Your Target Audience

#1: Small Budgets Work Well With Social Media

With platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, no longer do you need millions of dollars to execute a highly successful marketing campaign. In fact, all you need is creativity and a deep understanding of your audience. For example, a cruelty-free fashion clothing brand Wholesome Culture achieved massive success by sharing viral memes on Instagram. Yes, that’s correct – by just having a good sense of humor and using social media for reaching their vegan/kosher audience. There are thousands of similar (and even far bigger) social media success stories you can find online – but you get the point! Budgets are not a barrier to marketing anymore.

#2: Brand Transparency is More Important Than Ever

If your audience doesn’t “hang out” with your business profile on social media, chances are they don’t know your business that well – because if they did, and in fact “liked” what you are doing, they would. To gain exposure and attract their target audience in today’s time, businesses need to demonstrate brand transparency – and the best way to do that is by leveraging the social media platforms.

#3: Adoption of Social Media Hasn’t Hit the Roof Yet

Not every business owner has been smart or quick enough to integrate social media advertising in their marketing plans. In fact, many businesses have still not given this new form of advertising a try. This means that if you get a head start in this game and use the right tool(s), chances are that you will dominate your niche online in the times to come!


Needless to say, you need to use the right kind of tools to get things done – and social media marketing is no exception to this rule. But before we jump to a list of some of the best social media tools money can buy (and what you can use them for), let’s understand why we need them in the first place.

#1: Major Savings in the Long Run

By using social media tools, you can easily automate and schedule redundant tasks (like publishing or sharing content) on different social media sites at the same time. Can you see the potential of this kind of an automated solution? For thousands of SME businesses, this can mean saving a lot of money – perhaps thousands of dollars per month they would have spent on hiring someone to do it for them.

#2: Conversations Matter A LOT

It’s a harsh but true prediction about the future of marketing for SME businesses – businesses that are able to leverage social platforms efficiently to communicate with or have conversations with their audience are the one that will succeed in this game. The rest of the businesses, like the ones that only communicate on social media to promote their products and services will eventually fail.

Now that we have given you a clearer idea of why you need to leverage social media management software, here’s a list of some of the best (and the most popular) ones:

  1. Sooper Social
  2. Sprout Social
  3. HootSuite
  4. Eclincher
  5. Sendible
  6. Social Plot
  7. CoSchedule

Final Thoughts

The online marketing quest is no longer just about how big your budget is. Now it’s all about how well you spend those marketing dollars! In fact, there are countless brands that do have huge marketing budgets to spend but have chosen to use social media just to get better ROI. Having said this, it will all come down to these three things: creativity, strategy, and execution.

And it’s no longer a matter of choice – your business needs to excel at social media to survive and thrive in the digital age! Even though it can be difficult to get started with social media marketing if you (or your team) have no prior experience with it, you can always use a tool or software that offers plenty of features and support for social media management. For SMEs, this part can make or break their plan to dominate social media in their niche, which is why it’s advisable to think of the long term when it comes to choosing the right social media management software for your business.

There’s a ton of more Internet Marketing related tips and advice to come on this blog soon, so stay tuned and don’t miss the future updates!

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