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Up to 14.5% increased sales for manufacturers using MarTech.

We help small and medium sized businesses create, deliver and analyse digital marketing to help their businesses skyrocket growth. We work closely with you and your team, which helps us best understand you and your customers, in order to produce bespoke strategies and marketing tactics.

How we can help manufacturers with marketing?

What We Do

We combine three core verticals to pack value into our service for our customers

Utilising strategic frameworks, best practices and industry experience we are able to build results driven strategies that help guide a clear tactical plan. Combining these two with the power of marketing automation and marketing technology to turbo boost each strategy to success.

Straight-forward consultancy

Removing all the sales talk, we aim at helping advise you to achieve your objectives.

Premium Templates

Demistify your strategy

We believe in first truely understanding you and your business in order build an effective strategy that achieves business goals.


Tactics flow down hill from a strategy, once the first stage if complete mapping out tactics and forecasts becomes easy.

Email Automation


This is the cherry on the cake, and something we take great pride in being an innovator and automation facilitator.

Digital Marketing Automation Agency

A marketing agency built around marketing technology

We’re a digital marketing & technologies agency, with a mission to help introduce marketing automation technology into manufacturing businesses. We want to help our clients increase productivity, revenu and reduce ineffective processes.
Reasons to implement automation or a digital transformation plan:

12.2% reduction in marketing overhead

To drive new insight and intelligence

80% of marketing automation users saw an increase leads

77% had an increase of conversions

What We Do

Our specialist areas of experties

We love what we do and we do it with passion. We value the
experimentation of the message and smart incentives.
Strategy planning
We build achievable, sustainable and data-driven marketing strategies


Depending on each businesses desired objectives, our team will select the most effective research models in order to inform the marketing strategy.



Armed with valuable research, our team map out an objective orientated strategy that guide KPIs to achieve these goals.



Key performance indicators are agreed upon, based on market research, objectives and budget allocated. These help inform how quickly tactics can start to achieve results.

Content marketing strategy

Automation strategy & lead funnels

Multichannel marketing plan

Email thoughtleadership strategy

SOSTAC Certified Badge

Marketing strategy

Tactical planning & services
Tactical plans which guide the process to completion


Working from a strategy document, our team is able to breakdown a variety of tactical plans across a selection of marketing channels. Each tactical plan is designed to work in harmony with each other, in order to achieve desired objectives. and grow KPIs.



At Sooper Digital we focus on a selection of marketing channels that we have experienced the most success with for manufacturers, however, this does not restrict us form using other channels that are not listed below.

Email marketing

Social media marketing

Content marketing & SEO

Paid Advertising

Marketing technology & productivity
A Digital Marketing & Technology Agency

Increase your marketing teams outreach and capabilities with automation, productivity tools and analysis technology.

Equipping manufacturers with automation, marketing and analysis techology to help them gain competitive advantage in thier market. We not only supply the technology needed, but we also provide training, setup or full anual service agreements to help each client succeseed.

Marketing automation

CRM & project management

Social media shceduling & chatbots

Email marketing

SEO audit tools & analytics

Marketing technology

What We Do

Our Services

We love what we do and we do it with passion. We value the
experimentation of the message and smart incentives.

Research & Strategy

A complete and informative digital benchmarking and strategy planning for your online marketing activities.

Web Design & Dev

We provide a fully dedicated full website design and development service that allows you to focus on what you do best.

Email Marketing

We provide aa comprehensive approach to all aspects of email marketing

Social Media Marketing

We utilise a combination of social media tools and a clear content strategy to obtain client growth.

Graphic Design

A complete design service to help you put all the creative you need to get your message noticed.


We help provide technical SEO solutions so that your content is findable much quicker.


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